Friday, September 25, 2015

Pope Francis' Call for World Government: Revelation Anyone?

Here is my two cents of the Pope's visit to America and the push for world government.

I would recommend that people, Christian or not, have a look into the Book of Revelation. I am non-Christian but I find it interesting how revelation, or at least parts of it, seem to be coming to pass. 
One of my good friend's dads explained revelation to me when I was a teenager. I was interested in it because of an Iron Maiden song called Number of the Beast.

I have been studying our move towards world government since I learned about Alex Jones in 2011 and his extraordinary file EndGame. I have read many books on the subject including Fabian Socialist H.G. Wells book called The New World Order and Professor Carroll Quigley's history text book called Tragedy and Hope. These were real men who were writing about the establishment of a world socialist dictatorship.
Back in 2013 I was attending a meetup called Truth Cinema in Melbourne. While there I got to know a gentleman who was a Lucifarian, a Freemason and  Fabian Socialist. To me and my love of liberty, he was evil incarnate. I spent many hours talking to him about all of the world's "conspiracies" that I had been researching for the past two years. He was very knowledgeable of these topics. He invited me to attend a meeting of the Australian Institute of International Affairs. It was through that meeting that I learned that the media actively deceives the Australian people by a man who was an important journalist in Canberra. The long and the short of it is that many people in power are Lucifarians and/or have ties to the occult.
Soon after meeting my Lucifarian friend, I picked up a book at an airport in New Zealand  called Totalitaria by a New Zealand author called Ian Wishart. Wishart is an investigative journalist. Totalitaria is about movement of the world towards democratic totalitarianism.

About one third of the book focuses on the Illuminati, Lucifarianism, the Vatican and the United Nations. Wishart meticulously cites his sources in his book.
Below are just a few pages from the book.

The Pope Arrives

Now, in 2015 the Jesuit Pope Francis arrives in America with all of the pomp of a monarch.
Arriving at U.N. headquarters on the East Side of Manhattan, the pope blessed the U.N. staff and thanked them for working toward a "united human family."  (article)
He (the Pope) challenges the world to stop pollution, to recycle and carpool and to do without air conditioning — and makes it a moral imperative. (article)
 "The exploitation of the planet has already exceeded acceptable limits and we still have not solved the problem of poverty," he writes.(article)

How much carbon does it take to fly the potif and his security detail around the world? How much money and land does the Vatican have to help the poor? Do you honestly think that the pope does not use air conditioning? This hypocrisy is amazing.
Keep in mind that this same man was involved in  the junta in Argentina. You can learn more about it in James Corbett's video: Bitter Past: Pope Francis and Argentina's Dirty War

The Popes solution to these issues is world government.
The Pope has been hailed for making a profoundly important intervention to the debate on global warming after making clear that climate change is real, dangerous and man made – as he called for a new system of global government to tackle this unprecedented worldwide threat. (article)
Francis' world government will be along the lines of UN Agenda 21
We do not need or want the Pope's world government. World government is threat to our rights. It is about control of everything you do. It removes decision making from the people and puts it into the hands of a small elite. 

I am not saying that Jesus is going to come back an save everyone after tribulation but the world's leaders are pushing hard for a one world government using the environment as the excuse.

PS: If you want to have read a fictional work about the world after world government has been enacted, I recommend Niel Asher's Owner series. I did not realize that that was the topic of the book when I bought it but Asher predicts a horrifying future of government control.

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