Friday, February 6, 2015

Western (NATO/CIA/MI6/Mossad) Backed Terror: What is the EndGame?

Who benefits?

Our countries' constitutions are put in place to limit the power of government and protect individual rights. You will notice that starting with 9/11 there have been systematic attacks on our rights by the state. In America, the Patriot Act, the NDAA 2011 and NSA spying have gutted the bill of rights. The latest attacks have given rise to new anti-terror and electronic spying legislation destroying due process in Canada, Australia and New Zealand. It is also interesting that the Australian anti-terror legislation is based heavily on the Patriot Act.

How many of your rights are you willing to give up?

Don't you find it a little bit strange that the "terrorists" in Canada, Australia and Paris were all known by authorities but were allowed to carry out their attacks? Keep in mind that the NSA and it's sister spy agencies monitor all of our telephone, email and social media communications through programs like PRISM.

Who created Al Qaeda?

Are you aware that Al Qaeda was created in 1979 by the CIA to help push the Russians out of Afghanistan? Are you aware that Islamic "terrorists" have had a very close relationship with the American and British intelligence services since then? Is it ironic then that Al Qaeda backed groups are attacking the west which results in our rights being taken away?

Do our western, liberal governments have a history of using terror against their own people?


How many people are our governments willing to kill or have killed to achieve their objectives?

How many do you think?

Terror Storm

The first video, Terror Storm, exposed the West's involvement in 9/11, the 7/7 bombings as well as a few others. It explains the psychology behind "false flag" attacks. This movie is so powerful it made me become a blogger and activist three years ago.

NATO Secret Armies

Operation Gladio carried out after World War II to help manipulate the people of Europe by using terror and blaming it on the Communists. Many innocent civilians were murdered in shootings and bombings across Europe. In actual fact the terrorist were funded by the USA and trained by the British.

September 11, The New Pearl Harbour

9/11 was shock and awe used against the American people. 9/11 was a false flag event. What is up for debate is how involved of the American government was. Who knew what, when? Why was 9/11 allowed to happen? What was the result of 9/11? Over three thousand Americans murdered. Another 5,000 died in battle. The bill of rights gutted. Over 1 million Iraqis killed. Was it worth it?

Was The Paris Shooting A False Flag?

Dan Dicks from Press for Truth asks "Was The Paris Shooting A False Flag?"

What is the End Game?

What could possibly compele our govermnets, which feign liberalism, to commit acts of terror against their own citizens? Alex Jones' movie EndGame is the movie which connected the dots for me and proves without a doubt what the the final revolution is.


You must take the time to learn about the use of terror and then pass that knowledge on to others. it is the only way that terrorism will loose its power and we can retain our freedom.
Cameron Mottus


  1. I support your views. We are a quiet majority spiritually. The sick are going to fail and meek will prevail. The dragon sleeps.

    1. Each person who is awake has to keep resisting and trying to wake up our sleeping brothers and sisters.