Saturday, January 31, 2015

Questioning Vaccine Dogma

If vaccines are safe why some do children have severe adverse reactions to the vaccine and suffer vaccine injury? If they are injured by the vaccine who is responsible to care for them? Is the vaccine company or government liable for the harm caused by vaccine?

If vaccines are effective, why do people who are vaccinated still get sick from the infections they are "protected" against?

Are the effects of the vaccine worse than the disease they are protecting against?

Are all vaccines that are on the schedule required? For example, the Hepatitis shot for babies. Hepatitis is endemic in mothers in South East Asia but not in the west. If this is the case why are babies in the West still subjected to the vaccine? Should there be choice in which vaccines to give to our children based on the risk of that disease?

Do we live in a free country? If so, does the state have the authority to force medication on us? If so, do we live in a free country?

If you believe in vaccines whole heatedly vaccinate you child. Your child will then be protected from the diseases whether their friends are vaccinated or not.

People's blind faith in the government and pharmaceutical companies is shocking. I find it ironic that many people who hate on corporations will be the first ones to accept the dogma of the medical establishment (state and corporations acting together) and blindly follow what they dictate. Why is it so hard to question the medical establishment?

People who mock other people for their legitimate concerns does not make them look smarter. It makes them look like a bullies.

Think for yourself and respect others legitimate concerns. That is how we will find the truth.

Video by Dr. Tenpenny: Thinking Critically About Vaccines  

Dr. Tenpenny
Stand tall,
Cameron Mottus

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