Friday, June 13, 2014

Justin Bourque Massacre: Murder, Memes and Mind Control

The murder of three policemen in Moncton New Brunswick by Justin Bourque is a tragedy. May we remember their names.

Const. Doug Larche, Const. Dave Ross, Const. Fabrice Gevaudan

At this point we can agree that three police have been killed and two injured. From the numerous newspapers and videos I have seen, there is no indication as to what Bourque's motive was. There has been no record of what caused him to engage the police.

Justin Bourque
Is there any relationship between his perceived beliefs and his actions? Currently it is unclear.

With any luck he will be able to go to court and then we can find out exactly what happened and he will pay the price.

What I find particularly fascinating is the propaganda that is generated as a result of this tragedy - and how it can be used on people like you all.

Take a breath, stand back and look at the event objectively.

What is the meme? "Conspiracy theorists"/truthers/desenters/freemean/libertarians are bad.

Talking points
-Guns are bad
-Being against the government is bad 
-Freemen/libertarians are bad
-Wanting freedom is bad
-He had a problem with authority

These talking points are repeated consistently to brainwash the public. There are a number of instances in the past where I have heard this rhetoric in the Canadian and American main stream media.

The intent is to create fear in the public of people who question authority, who question the ever expansive police state and the reduction in our freedom. This will encourage people like you all to attempt to silence people who speak out (like me). The state will use peer pressure to help maintain control over the people.

What will be interesting is how the state and lapdog media will spin this and what powers they will try to grab and which rights they will ask people to relinquish.

Two concepts that you should become familiar with are:
1. The Hagelian Dialectic or problem, reaction, solution
2. Incrementalism

Make no mistake. There is a Fascist, anti-democratic system being setup around the globe. You can see it in the militarization of the police, the CCTV cameras, the state spying on you on the Internet, illegal searches by police, increased police brutality, police agent provocateurs etc.

Surete du Quebec agent provocateurs

Police Abuse at G20 Toronto
Police officers are the enforcement arm of the state and will unfortunately be the target of unstable or angry people. We need the policemen and policewomen to enforce and protect our rights and not help take them away.
Artist - Rose Marie Condon

There are similar anti-democratic laws being passed all over the world that erode our rights and freedoms. The Cyber bullying bill in Canada that allows the police to hack your computer, the NDAA in the USA that allows the American government to assassinate American citizens or send them to black sites to be tortured and the Australian Bikie laws that destroy freedom of association. All of these laws are couched in language to make them acceptable by the public. I mean who doesn't want the state to look after them?

"Those who give up their liberty for more security neither deserve liberty nor security" (Benjamin Franklin). 

The state is the greatest killer with over 300 million victims in the past century. They only thing stopping them are our constitutions and our rights and freedoms.

I, like most freemen and libertarians, denounce the use of offensive violence by any human being (including by police).

Do not let the state and media manipulate you. Think for yourself. Don't get caught up in the heat of the moment. Stay objective and then you can find the truth.

If you want to understand the libertarian/Freeman mind set and your enslavement please watch HOMELAND IN-SECURITY .

Stand tall
Cameron Mottus

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