Sunday, March 30, 2014

Simple PGP File Encryption with Cryptophane

If you want to learn how to quickly and easily encrypt files with PGP follow the steps below.

A link to the PGP software can be found here.
1.    Create a private key.
a.    Open the Cryptophane client.
b.    Click on Keys, Generate Private Key…
c.    Use a strong password.(make sure you can remember it. If you forget it you will not be able to open any of your encrypted files)
2.    Export your public key and distribute it to your colleagues.
a.    Click on File, Export Public Keys…
b.    Send your public key to people who need to encrypt files for you.
3.    Manage colleague’s public keys:
a.    Import their public keys.
                                          i.    Click File, Import Keys…
b.    Confirm their public key Key ID.
                                          i.    Once you import a public key there should be a Key ID listed on the right side of the screen.
                                         ii.    Confirm the key idea belongs to your colleague. This can be done over the phone.
c.    Set trust on their public keys. (I trust fully)
                                          i.    Once you have confirmed the Key ID, right click the key and choose Edit Trust.
                                         ii.    Select I trust this user fully and click Update Trust.
d.    Sign the public keys with your private key.
                                          i.    Right click the key again and choose Sign Key…
                                         ii.    Place a tick in I have checked the above fingerprint with the key owner and they match.
                                        iii.    Click on I am POSITIVE that the key belongs to its indicated owner.
4.    Encrypt a File
a.    Find a file you want to encrypt.
b.    Choose to Encrypt and/or Sign.
c.    Choose the recipient’s public key that you would like to encrypt to. (I generally choose to encrypt the file to my key too so that I can open the encrypted file if I have to.)
d.    Ensure Sign with Private Key is chosen.
e.    Click Process.
f.     Enter your password to sign the encrypted file.
g.    Click OK.
h.    The file will now be encrypted.
5.    Decrypt a File
a.    Right click on the encrypted file and choose Decrypt File.
b.    Enter your password.

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