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9/11 - Two Perspectives or Destroying the Fable That is the Official Story

I have been researching the New World Order for the past 18 months or so. One of the most compelling videos, and the video that made me want to blog, was Alex Jones' video Terror Storm. I have blogged about Terror Storm previously but to recap Terror Storm shows how governments use false flag terror to manipulate their citizens. Jones gave examples of the Reichstag Fire, the attack on the USS Liberty, the 7/7 bombings and the 9/11 attacks.

9/11 is the one event in recent history that has affected the lives of millions of people around the world. It just so happens that I had the luck to find two videos in the past week that investigated different aspects of 9/11. The first video was Barbara Honneger's excellent presentation called Behind the Smoke Curtain detailing how the official story surrounding the attack on the Pentagon cannot possibly be true. Barbara Honegger was a policy analyst for the Reagan administration and appears to be a credible and honest lady. 

Barbara Honegger during here Behind the Smoke Curtain presentation

The second video was Jim Marrs' presentation based on his book called The Terror Conspiracy which looks at some of the high level events surrounding the attacks on the World Trade Center. I am a big fan of Jim Marrs and have three of his other books including The Trillion Dollar Conspiracy, Alient Agenda and The Rise of the Fourth Reich.

The cover of Jim Marrs' book The Terror Conspiracy

In Honegger's video she presents the following pieces of evidence that the official story surrounding the attack on the Pentagon is false:
  • Explosions had been recorded for nearly 45 before and after the time the plane was supposed to have hit the Pentagon.
  • The grass in front of the damaged portion of the building was undamaged.
  • That a nearly 50 foot high passenger plane created 15 foot high hole in the base of a wall that was only about 20 feet wide.
  • That the whole plane was destroyed in the tremendous fire that ensued after the crash. The problem was that survivors escaped from the Pentagon through where the plane was supposed to have crashed into the building.
  • She noted that planes cannot fly that low because of the tremendous uplift the wings create and that if the plane did fly that low it would have had its wing ripped apart by light posts in front of the Pentagon.
  • The plane destroyed the records that showed that the US military, according to  Donald Rumsfeld, could not account for trillions of dollars.
  • That the vehicle that struck the building was most likely a drone painted to look like a United Airlines jet.
She made a point to note that the testimony presented in her book was taken under oath from many witnesses including high ranking members of the military.

Barbara Honegger with Ronald Reagan and George Bush Sr.
Jim Marrs presentation is very high level and does not get into the very technical aspects of the attacks on the World Trade Center. Two of the things that I like best about Marrs is his ability to talk about history like a story and how he ensures that when he is discussing a topic he identifies if it is a fact or that it is conjecture. A few of the points that Jim discusses include:
  • The close relationship between the Bush family and the Bin Ladens.
  • That the Bin Laden family were the only people that were allowed to fly after the attacks when every other flight in the country was grounded.
  • The interesting relationships between the elite who owned, leased and provided security  for the Twin Towers.
  • The fact that technology exists to take control of jet planes and could have been used to remotely high-jack the planes. This technology was proposed to be used by Operation Northwoods in the early 60's to take control of American passenger jets, crash them and blame the crash on the Cubans.
  • The fact that there were military exercises being carried out at the same time the attacks were occurring resulting in confusion because people could not tell what was real and what was part of the exercise.
  • The fact that Dick Cheney took control of NORAD.
  • That Al Qaeda was a creation of the CIA.
One of the most enjoyable aspects of the videos was the question and answer sessions at the end of the videos. They provide some great incites into other aspects of 9/11.

Jim Marrs

If people want to have an easily digestible summary of the events of 9/11 and understand some reasons that prove that the official story is a lie these are two great videos. For more detailed information check out the Toronto Hearings on 9/11.

All I want is the truth. Read everything, trust no one and make up your own mind.

Stand Tall,
Cameron Mottus

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