Friday, July 20, 2012

Cam On The Street (Activism, Infowar Syles)

I had a fantastic day today. I finally got out and did some activism!

I have known for months now that I had to get out there and meet people. I have to be honest, I have balked at heading out over the last month or so. It was too rainy, I didn’t have the resources or I didn’t feel like I knew enough to talk to people. I was scared.

Luckily, I had the flu yesterday (I still feel pretty ill) and stayed home from work. This gave me the time to finish a DVD project that I have always wanted to be able to hand out. 

The DVD contains 20 compressed movies that can be accessed on a website that I created that is located on the DVD. Topics on the DVD include Government Terror, Police State and Democide, Government Corruption, Environmental Fraud, Agenda 21, Climate Change and Carbon Tax and Health.


The Tools

I honestly don’t think you need all of this stuff but it made me feel good to have it.
  • banner
  • Photography backdrop
  • Flyers
  • DVD (The movies can be transferred to and played on an iPhone/Android phone)
  • Alex Jones bumper stickers (End the Fed, Poison in the Water, and 9/11 Was An Inside Job)
  • Tablet with speakers playing movie
  • My voice


The Setup

I chose my site based on the ability to get eye contact with people at a distance and for people on the road driving by to be able to see the banner. I had a tablet playing the movie "Wakeup Call" so that people could watch or listen without speaking (note: need louder speakers). I had a set of flyers in my hands.


The Chat

Basically, when people were walking by I would have a nice friendly smile and say confidently “Good afternoon/morning, this is my one man protest about the carbon tax”. That's it. One of a number of results would then occur:
  • I was ignored (no probs, I know people are busy and I am impinging on their time)
  • People gave me the thumbs up or said something positive
  • A person would stop and quickly talk about the carbon tax(they would get a flyer)
  • A person would stop and discuss worldly issues in depth (they would get a DVD)
  • People said that they agreed with the carbon tax under their breath (It’s ok for them to be wrong;) )
  • Climate alarmists (have an open mind and respond to their questions, be nice and have good will, again, it is ok for them to be wrong)
If someone started talking about the carbon tax I would discuss the Galileo Movement poster. The poster can be found here

If they seemed “awake” I would ask them qualifying questions about more abstract concepts such as Fabianism, problem reaction solution, corruption, etc. If they bit and could handle themselves I would hand them one of my DVDs. That is it.

I know the website on the DVD is kind of rubbish but it is a draft. I am going to tidy it up and get a hundred burned by a professional duplicator.

I always tried to mention and discuss how it is an alternative media website that is focusing a lot on Australia because of the Carbon Tax. If possible I also tried to mention our Australian website .

Finally, when I needed a break, I would shout with my loud voice. I used to be a drill instructor in the army and I can be very loud. I would shout "JULIA GILLARD IS A LYER, CLIMATE CHANGE IS A HOAX AND THE CARBON TAX IS A FRAUD". I would get looks from about half a block away in every direction. it is nice to see the surpised look on people's faces as they are briefly roused from their trance. Again, I tried to use a positive tone.



Generally, 75% of people ignore you. 5% are busy but give you the thumbs up. 10% of people chatted about the carbon tax and 5% of people are awake. I handed out about 10 flyers and 3 DVDs. Generally men are way more willing to chat but the two most awake people were women. I only had one tense "discussion" with a climate alarmist. Don't waste your time on climate alarmists since you cannot change their mind.

There are a lot of people out there, like us, who think that they are alone. They like to come and chat because they feel there are other poeple who think like they do. They are not alone.

I really enjoyed talking to my fellow human beings. Love your fellow man. Don't be angry if they do not listen or are not awake. They are damaged souls and will awaken in their own time. 

I will be honest my hands were shaking the whole time and being on an adrenaline rush for three hours is draining. However, I would encourage everyone to get out and meet people and try to wake them up. If you have any questions feel free to ask!!!

Stand Tall,
Cameron Mottus

Resistance is Victory! mV

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