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Thrive - What On Earth Will It Take

Video: Thrive – What on Earth Will it Take

Author: Foster Gamble (

Summary Writer: Cameron Mottus



This summary breaks this video into chapters (with times).

Note: The intent for this summary is to facilitate learning about the New World Order. The chapter titles have been added by me and were chosen by looking at the topics presented in each chapter.

Description:  This video looks at the potential of “free energy”, the global elite’s drive for world domination and what you can do about it.

Thrive - What On Earth Will It Take

Chapter 1 - Introduction (0:00)

Thriving – The potential of mankind
Overview of Thrive movie

Uncovering the Code (4:42)

Foster Gamble and his awakening
The Torus
Duane Elgin – Futurist
Nassim Haramein – Cosmologist
Vector Equilibrium
Buckminster Fuller
The Sequoia Symposium (Exploring Fundamental patterns of Dynamic Unity)
Zero-point, “free energy” or “new energy” technologies
Toruses from around the world throughout history
Osirian Temple, Abydos, Egypt (3D diagram of the vector equilibrium burned into the wall of this ancient temple)
Chinese Foo Dogs also have the vector equilibrium symbol in the sphere under their paw
Examples of the vector equilibrium symbol around the world
Ancient stories of “sun gods” coming to Earth occur from cultures around the world
  • Sun gods taught math, engineering and science
Historical examples of extra-terrestrial  phenomena from around the world
  • Egyptians
  • Mayans
  • Incas
  • Italy
  • North Africa
  • USA
  • Australia
  • France
  • Holland
  • England
Dr. Steven Greer, Director of CSETI (Center For The Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence) (
Estimated 10,000 Earth like planet with intelligent life in the Milky Way
Examples of UFO phenomena
  • Italy 2009
  • Stuttgart 1993
  • Washington State 2010
  • Space shuttle 1996
  • Mexico City 1997
  • Pheonix 1997
  • Mexico 2005
  • Ecuador 1995
  • Ontario 1989
  • Brazil 1992
  • Florida 1995
  • 3,500 pilot cases noted
  • Edgar Mitchell, Astronaut
  • Clifford Stone, Sergeant (US Army)
  • Harry Allen Jordan, Radar Operator USS Roosevelt
  • Dwynne Arneson, Col. US Air Force
  • Robert Jacobs, Prof. US Air Force
  • John Callahan, FAA Official
Crop circles
  • 5,000 have appeared in 30 countries
  • Electromagnetic fields at sites
  • Magnetic particles left behind
  • Reponse to 1974 NASA message in 2001
  • NASA continues to deny ET contact
  • Crop circles may be 2D images of toruses
Jack Kasher, Ph.D, UFO researcher
Lane Andrews, reported ET contactee
James Gilliland, Funder of ECETI
Daniel Sheehan, J.D, Civil Rights Attorney
Free Energy
  • Nikola Tesla
  • Wardenclyffe Tower Project
  • JP Morgan shut down the project because it would cut into his copper monopoly
  • Adam Trombly, Physicist and Inventor
    • Undermined by Bush and had his device taken by a government raid.
  • John Bedini, New Energy Inventor
    • Attacked in lab and threatened
  • John Hutchison, Inventor
  • Free energy battery chargers
  • Anti-gravity devices
  • Lab raided by police in 1978, 1989 and 2000
  • Eugene Mallove, Dr, Scientist and Publisher
  • Editor of Infinite Energy Magazine
  • Killed in 2004
  • Suppression due to military industrial complex
  • Energy is extracted from space and cannot be metered
  • Threat to energy companies
  • 200 trillion dollars in energy reserves worldwide
  • Brian O’Leary, Dr
  • Paramahamsa Tewarei, New Energy Inventor
  • Shiuji Inomata, New Energy Inventor
  • Floyd “Sparky” Sweet, New Energy Inventor
  • Kimberly Carter Gamble, CEO, Clear Compass Media
Stand Tall
Cameron Mottus

Resistance is Victory! mV

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