Saturday, April 14, 2012

Summary of "New World Order: Blueprint of Madmen"

Video: New World Order: Blueprint of Madmen

Author: Alex Jones

Summary Writer: Cameron Mottus

This summary breaks this video into chapters (with times) and provides key topics for each chapter.

Note: The intent for this summary is to facilitate learning about the New World Order. The chapter titles have been added by me and were chosen by looking at the topics presented in each chapter.

Chapter 1- Preface

Time: 0:00
  • Spoof of paranoid citizens looking out for “terrorists”

Chapter 2 - Introduction

Time: 5 minutes 44 seconds
  • War on Terror is a hoax
  • Irrational fear of terrorists
  • Conversion of the US in to a police state
    • Drones
    • TSA
  • Whore media
  • Terror alerts issued for political gain
  • UN definition of terrorism
  • Concept of “protection” – give up your liberties or terrorists will get you
  • Probability of being killed by a threats from bees to terrorists
  • 1 in 3.5 million chance of being killed by a terrorist
  • Many of those attacks were false flag attacks
  • Global technocratic elite and scientific dictatorship

Chapter 3 – Democide

Time: 11 minutes 13 seconds
  • Definition of democide (death by government)
  • Governments have killed 262 million people from the beginning of the 20th century until now
  • Democide is the number one cause of unnatural death
  • Examples of democide against civilians
    • China (1949-87) 76,702,000 killed
    • USSR (1917-1987) 61,911,000 killed
    • Wester Colonialism 50,000,000 killed
    • Germany (1933-45)  20,946,000 killed
    • Japan (1936-45) 5,964,000 killed
  • Including military casualties, the death toll is over 350,000,000 people
  • NDAA 2012

Chapter 4 – Covert Democide

Time: 15 minutes  19 seconds
  • Freedom vs. tyranny
  • Eugenics
    • Gaver rise to the Nazis
    • Funded by British royal family
    • Bertrand Russell, The Impact of Science on Society, p50
    • Obsess about putting chemicals in our food and water to make us submit
    • Programs are hidden in plain view
      • Experimenting on black men with syphilis
      • Spraying the UK with disease causing organisms
    • Henry Kissinger: Use food as a weapon
    • John P. Holdren, in Ecoscience: There should be covert chemicals in the water to reduce fertility and population
    • Global government admitted openly to carryout genocide
      • Vaccines
      • Fluoridated water
      • Bisphenol-A (BPA)
      • Aspartame
    • Huge increases in cancer, diabetes, etc are the results of the chemicals
    • Globalists are more dangerous than their Nazi progenitors since they use incrementalization to implement these policies
    • Bill Gates
      • Pays to be portrayed as a saint
      • Death panels: weighing up cost of dying grandmother vs. ten teacher’s jobs
      • Give vaccines to reduce population
      • Number one funder of GMO crops at Monsanto
  • GMO
    • Reduce human fertility
    • Can sterilize animals in three generations
    • Monsanto scientists refuse to eat GMO food in their cafeteria
    • Bill Gates and the Rockefeller Foundation are building seed vaults of non-GMO seeds
    • Globalist obsessed with GMO-free food
    • Monsanto does not want people to know that they are buying GMO
    • Prince Phillip killer virus quote
    • Communist Chinese chief obsessed with organic food while giving GMO laden for to the population
  • Vaccines
    • Germany government would not that the H1N1 shot so big pharma came out with a “clean” shot that was not contaminated like the shot that was given to the population
    • Vaccines are killing people that they are tested on
    • People at the Centre for Disease Control in the US told their families not to take the vaccines because they are causing brain damage but were told not to tell the public
  • Soft killing
  • We are told by the media that there are no heros and that humanity is worthless
  • Notable billionaire globalists participating in the secret population control meetings
    • Bill Gates
    • Ted Turner
    • David Rockefeller
    • Oprah Winfrey
    • George Soros
  • The great lie
  • Good people tend to stand down and the psychopaths take over the government

Chapter 5 – Science Gone Wild

Time: 29 minutes 40 seconds
  • Level 4 bio weapons have been developed
    • >90% kill rate
  • Weaponized diseases:
    • Smallpox
    • Mouse pox
    • Ebola
    • Bird flu
    • H1N1
  • These weapons are being stockpiled
  • These weapons are being stored in non-level 4 facilities
    • Allows plausible deniability
  • Race specific bio weapons have been developed
  • US Air Force is trying to develop antimatter weapons
  • Many nuclear reactors are rotting and leaking around the world
  • Over 100 hydrogen bombs were exploded in the upper atmosphere just to see what would happen
  • World is a giant experiment to the globalists

Chapter 6 - Conclusion

Time: 35 minutes 32 seconds
  • Globalists think that they are in control because they have advanced technology that is not available to the public
  • The longer dynasties are in power the more decadent they become, believing they are infallible and God like
  • The globalists are putting chemicals in our food, water and medicines such as trojan horse genetic traits that are being added to our food
  • There are 1000’s of labs around the world that are splicing different organisms together
  • Funding 30,000 drones for the skies over America
  • Neighbours are spying on neighbours in America
  • FBI has released Communities Against Terrorism brochures to help identify terrorists
  • Call to act and rediscover the constitution and fight for liberty

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