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Protests/Riots as a PsyOps Against the Public and Protesters

I watched Dan Dick's video Into the Fire and I made some interesting observations about demonstrations/riots and what their uses are for the establishment. I have a hypothesis as to why the protests/riots happen the way they do. The establishment is is using the riots as a psyop for the two following reasons:
  1. To convince the public who watch the protests on tv that the protesters are violent thugs and that people have to give up their rights to ensure their security.
  2. To convince the protesters that they will loose their rights and face brutality and terror if they oppose the establishment.

Protesters are Violent Thugs

I remember watching protests against the G20, WTO, etc. I remember how I felt when I watched the "anarchists" trashing buildings and vehicals. I honestly thought at the time that if you actively chose to commit violent acts then the police were within their rights to shoot you. The riotus behaviour of the protestors made me think that they were all nuts and their cause lost credibility with me. Furthermore, for the average person caught in the midst of the violence, the event could be terrifying.

I was wrong. Having watched a number of videos such as Into the Fire it is obvious that the average protestor is a peroson who is actively expressing their opposition to policies that are affecting their lives. I may not agree with them politically but they do have the right to protest peacefully.

The government wants to discredit the protestors. They do so by using agent provocateurs to incite violence and create disorder.

In Quebec in 2007, the Sûreté du Québec used agent provocatures who were called out as police. The Sûreté du Québec later admitted that the three "anarchists" in question were actually police.

Sûreté du Québec provocateurs

You can watch a video of the provocatuers being snapped by a union leader here.
You can watch a video of the Sûreté du Québec admitting their involvement here.

In Into the Fire the "anarchists" can be seen destroying property and burining police cars.

There is evidence to suggest that at least some of the "anarchists" were police. Firstly, there were "anarchists" identified wearing police issue footware.

"Anarchist" at G20 summit in Toronoto with police issue footware.

It was footware that also gave away the provocateurs in Montebello in 2007 (from The Toronto G20 Riot Fraud: Undercover Police engaged in Purposeful Provocation).
"Anarchists" and police wearing the same footware in Montebello in 2007.
There was also film evidence that people dressed as "anarchists" were entering the police lines.

Suspected "anarchists" entering the police lines in Toronto.
 Secondly, the "anarchists" all escaped the police in Toronto by running into Queeens park and removing their black clothing that was strewn on the ground.

"Anarchist" clothing scattered in Queens park.
The first two pieces of evidence could be considers coincidence. However, it came out that the police, despite having the capability to capture all of the "anarchists" were told not to engage.

Joe Warmington's Sun article asking who made the decision to not prevent the rioting at the Toronto G20 summit.
See the Joe Warmington's article here.

This begs the question, why would the police not prevent the riots when they had the man power to do so? Ther are two reasons I believe.
  1. The first reason is to discredit the protesters in the eyes of the public. 
  2. The second reason, the more omminus reason, is to make the people believe they need more police to protect them and to give up their rights via Problem Reaction Solution.

You Will Loose Your Rights if you Oppose the Establishment

Interestingly, unlike the the police order to not engage the "anarchists" was the police response legitimate peaceful protesters. There were instances when the police mass arrested everyone in the vacinity whether you were a protester or not. Spend the time to watch Into The Fire to see all of the situations were the police assaulted people who were not breaking the law.

Peaceful protesters boxed in by the police prior to all being arrested.

There were a number of results of the police crack down that were identified in Into The Fire.
  1. People were arrested for peacefully demonstrating.
  2. People were bashed with riot sheilds and tuncheons.
  3. Women were force to urinate in the back of police vehicals while their hands wer cuffed.
  4. Women were threatened with internal searches and gang rape.
  5. People were arrested en mass held for upto a day and then never charged with a crime.
I believe that the government wants to quell opposition to the establishment. They do this by abusing people who are exercising their right to free speach.They will try to accomplish the silencing of the people through the use of brutality and terror.

I encourage all people to stand up against the abuse of police power when it happens. I ask everyone to question the media when they spin stories and act as the mouthpiece for the government. I ask you to resist the psyops that our governments are using against us to turn us into silent cattle.

Stand Tall
Cameron Mottus

Resistance is Victory mV

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