Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Waking Up - America is a Police State

So how did I wake up to the New World Order? The first step was finding out America is a police state. Well, I was doing some research about eminent domain in America.  I found a video on youtube by this loud Texan named Alex Jones. His ranting was quite entertaining. I figured I would watch some more of his videos. However, the more videos I watched the more shocked I became.

I woke up in December 2011. What woke me up were a number of videos by Alex Jones and Jesse Ventura about America as a police state. I was shocked to see that the American army was deployed in America, there are FEMA camps for millions of Americans and the TSA sexually assault air travellers. The most shocking revalation was that Barak Obama signed the NDAA 2012 which allows the arrest and torture of American and non-Americans anywhere in the world, without trial. Shocking.

Jesse Ventura - Police State video (43 Minutes - banned in America)

I started watching every movie I could, I listened to the Alex Jones radio show on my iPhone(yes, there is an app for that!). I spent all my time for the past two months reading and watching videos. It drove my fiancee crazy. I had to understand everything.

The best thing about Alex is that he tells you not to just believe him but to do research for yourself. So I did. I was trained as a science and history teacher. I was amazed that my entire view of the world was incorrect. Don't get me wrong, all the facts were correct but the framework in which they existed was totally wrong.

If you have ever watched the Matrix and remember being blown away by the reality that Neo was actually living in. That is what I felt.

I am not a writter. I am  a computer geek who loves freedom and watching my fellow man achieve. I love humanity. I just want to go bush walking on the weekend, hang out with my fiancee and play with my kids. But I have to stand up and fight because it is the right thing to do. That is what motivated me to write. You have to be brave and confront evil when you see it!

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